Luvin Life

I would like to introduce to you my project and my vision.

I name it LUVIN LIFE or 2L if you will.

It started to take shape around 2018 with a few designs, growing now to a much bigger concept which i would like to share with you.

It consists on printing my designs on BLACK &WHITE ONLY clothes pieces such as t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jacket and more.

My designs are aimed to a positive side of life with words and shapes to bring in a colourful way , aware and sensibility with a fresh and new perspective. 

So when you wear a 2L product, you get that good vibe with a positive affirmation and a powerful message.

Within LUVIN LIVE there is a branch that is turned to Capeverdean and African style, also in a positive way, named LABANTA LIVRI, wich means stand up free or growing up free.

An urban style for everyone, starting wirh men's and women's wear and later expand to children's wear.